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Our firm

Wallace Walker Limited was formed in 1997 and is now a well-established management consultancy and management development specialist firm.


Our experience includes consulting with corporations across a wide range of industry sectors, including engineering and construction, banking and financial services, aerospace and defence, tourism and hospitality, media, automotive and retail.


Our professional services expertise includes law firms, accountants, wealth and investment management firms, IT consultancies, advertising agencies and other fee-earning businesses. 


We also have extensive experience of working within the public sector, including central government departments, arm's length public bodies and the NHS.  We have worked extensively with devolved administrations, including the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government, and with governments of offshore territories, including The States of Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

Our experience also includes consulting within the Defence sector over the past twenty years, producing option studies and business cases in response to different defence policies, strategies and initiatives, and setting out recommendations for improvement in both the operational and financial performance of logistics support.

Our leadership team

Paul Walker
Senior Partner

Paul has consulted extensively within the public and private sectors, and with professional services firms.  He has worked with senior leaders from organisations of all sizes and constitutions, and covering a broad and diverse range of industry sectors.  He specialises in business analysis and business transformation and change, and in providing board, CEO and executive-level support. 

Over a 20-year period, he has been engaged by senior leaders to provide expert facilitation, advice and guidance on agendas concerned with formulating strategy, designing new operating models, mobilising for change, building organisational and management capabilities, and driving successful execution.  He has led the delivery of numerous large studies and enterprise-level transformation programmes for Wallace Walker within both the public and private sectors.  His support also includes undertaking effectiveness reviews at board and senior leadership levels, and troubleshooting to explore and resolve specific problems/issues associated with the effectiveness and alignment of organisations and their senior teams. 

Prior to consulting, Paul's career includes management experience in construction, electricity supply, defence electronics and automotive  - spanning manufacturing, R&D, sales/marketing, and distribution.  His experience also includes a 5-year period within the academic field as a Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer.

Simon Wallace

Simon has extensive consultancy experience gained through working with boards, senior management teams and senior executives from organisations covering a broad and diverse range of industry sectors.  He specialises in leadership development and cultural change in both a national and international context, and has designed and delivered a wide variety of seminars and workshops covering strategy, leadership, management, innovation, creativity and change to senior executives in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

He has led the delivery of a number of large change programmes for Wallace Walker within international businesses.  He has also facilitated many of the strategy and organisational development programmes delivered by Wallace Walker for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Simon is a highly experienced and accomplished facilitator, coach and trainer.

Our clients

Our clients include organisations with a global, international, national or regional focus.  Relationships with our clients is most often at a senior level, typically board, executive and senior managers with our private sector clients, senior civil servants with public sector clients, and partners and/or executive committee members with professional services firms.

Many of our client relationships are long-standing and reflect a continuing relationship with senior individuals as they move to new positions and new challenges within their existing organisation.  Other relationships have travelled across organisational boundaries as individuals have taken up roles with new organisations and have sought to maintain the professional relationship with our firm.  The longevity of these relationship reflects our philosophy of working in genuine partnership with our clients and our ability to deliver long-term sustainable solutions.

As a policy, we do not provide a list of clients on our website.  We would, however, be pleased, on request, to provide further details of our client base, as well as references to help you gauge the impact of our approach and the quality of our results.  Should you wish to speak to one or more of our clients, please contact us directly and we will provide you with necessary information to do so.

Our approach

Our clients engage us to deliver interventions that span a continuum from enterprise-wide programmes to individual projects, sometimes undertaken in collaboration with other respected consultancies, agencies and individuals where appropriate. 


In all situations, our aim is to help our clients deliver outcomes that improve leadership and governance, the organisational effectiveness essential to successful strategy implementation, and to maintaining organisational performance in the face of strategic and environmental challenge and change.

Our approach is based on a number of core beliefs and principles.  Specifically:

  • a need for us to work in a genuine partnership with our clients.  "Doing it with, and not doing it to" is at the heart of our approach

  • ensuring that our work with clients is supported by a well-established framework of models, methodologies and tools - developed and continuously refined thorough our experience, and by research and recognised good practice

  • ensuring that at all stages of a client engagement is supported by sufficient and relevant data and evidence to ensure an informed, information-led and fact-based approach is taken at all times 

  • with the deeply sensitive nature of much of our work with our clients - boards, CEOs, executive and senior teams - ensuring at all times that our support is delivered with the sensitivity, candour, absolute confidentially and integrity expected for work at this level.


Case studies of our work with clients within each of our market sectors - private, public or professional services - and for individual service lines, are provided for your reference. 

Each case study describes the assignment undertaken, a summary on the work completed, the technical capabilities provided, the duration of the assignment, and the measures of success.  Our aim through the case studies is to highlight the breadth and depth of our consulting experience.

Supporting local communities

Using our skills as well as our resources to support causes that have meaning to our business and to the local communities in which we operate is important to us.


We are proud to say that Wallace Walker is engaged in a number of community-based initiatives with organisations such as Crawley Wasps Girls and Ladies Football Club, including a long-term commitment to support this grass roots sports club with its development and growth plans. 

Founded in 1991, Crawley Wasps have been instrumental in the successful development of girl's and women's football in the Crawley area and are now one of the most successful all-female clubs in Sussex.  They pride themselves on playing good football in a fun, educational environment and prioritise the health, wellbeing and development of players above all else. 

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